The lead up to going Travelling

The part that no one ever talks about!


Apologies in advance – because this blog, our first ever travel blog, should have been a lot better than what you’re about to read. You see, Steff had spent her Sunday morning writing our first piece – about the lead up to travel, the inevitable frustrations – and just before she published the post she asked me (Ella) to have a read first. And what did I do? I deleted it, accidentally.

“we are living by our countdown app ‘Days’ to get us through the few weeks left in the UK – 38 days.”

So from that introduction for our first blog, comes the moral of the story in the build up to our travels – ‘shit happens’. As Steff mentioned in her first blog attempt (I will never live down deleting that), we are living by our countdown app ‘Days’ to get us through the few weeks left in the UK – 38 days. How exciting?! But in those 38 days, most #travellers can relate, it’s the rush to get everything sorted.

No matter how ‘free’ you are, there’s still things that need to be sorted or arranged prior to your departure. Unfortunately for us, we happen to be Adult Level 101 because we have flats, cars, mortgages, tenants, credit cards etc. etc. etc. You know, all the boring stuff that we call ‘reality’. The good news is, to make us feel better about all this boring stuff, we also get to indulge in shopping for travelling ‘must-haves’ like a GoPro, Canon DSLR camera, new backpacks and sunglasses.

“And from the eye of the follower, we can assure you that it’s not all sunsets and beaches.”

The reason why we wanted to start our blog before we actually leave the UK, is because the journey doesn’t start when you get on that first plane. Oh no, it starts the minute you make the plans to travel. And from the eye of the follower, we can assure you that it’s not all sunsets and beaches. Everyone says “not long now, bet you’re excited!” – to an extent, yes. But until everything is sorted, nope, no we are not fucking excited.

Not only do we have to sort all our adult shit out within the 38 days left in the UK, we also have to see everyone that matters most to us. And that large collection of family and friends are spread out across Brighton, Bristol, London, Hertfordshire and Essex.
It’s exciting that we only have a few weeks left, but at the same time it’s incredibly daunting (especially when you still have an empty flat and a mortgage to pay!)


It’s a life choice, what we’re choosing to do. We appreciate that. We’ve been told “count yourself lucky” that we should have the opportunity to go and explore. We are lucky yes, but in the same breath, we’ve created our own luck. We’ve worked hard in the early stages of our careers, becoming successful in the recruitment sector, we have both grafted. We’ve also been fortunate enough to have travelled a bit before our voyage together. But…. we’re hungry for so much more.

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