About Us

Hi there! We are Steff & Ells, an LGBTQ Travel Couple exploring the world.


Hey! I am Steff and I am 28 years old! I have never been one to settle in one place – I quite literally have itchy feet! From the age of 17 I have lived everywhere but home! Moving out at 17 to live in a house share at Dance School, moving to Essex when I was 19 and then temporarily to Brighton last year. Living in and experiencing new places is what makes me incredibly happy!


Hey! I’ve been on the move from a young age too – I first started my travels in 2015 where I embarked on a 15 month round-the-world trip. This gave me the taste for jet setting and from there I have continuously been chasing the sun. I am currently 25 years old, and unlike most people my age that want to settle down, get married and pop out a few sproglings, I just want to save up for that next flight, hand in hand with my best friend, comrade and girlfriend – Steff.

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Having met for the first time back in 2009, we both went our separate ways, until 2017, when our red strings tugged hard and pulled us together, just when we needed each other most. It soon became extremely apparent that at heart we weren’t made to keep still and we soon got to planning our adventures.

After Steff spent 3 months travelling Asia with her best friend, Ells flew out to Croatia to spend Steff’s last week of travelling with her. The goal from there was to set off on a world trip after saving for a year. However the wanderlust grew to strong and we both handed in our letters of resignation 8 months early and set on off on our adventures together.

We are currently based in Rotorua, New Zealand exploring the North Island whilst using our working holiday visa to earn some extra $$$. In March we set off with our Tribe on a road trip around the South Island before flying to Malaysia in July where Steff’s mum and friends will be joining us.