Camper Van Build

Camper Van Build – top tips – easy

Top Tips – DIY Easy Camper Van Build This is a blog on how to build your own basic campervan. Ideal if you are travelling New Zealand or Australia and have a small van you wish to turn into your mini home-on-wheels! Although this is a really great starting point for any camper van build.… Continue reading →

DJI Mavic Mini

Why We Chose the DJI Mavic Mini

We’ve recently purchased our first ever drone and as complete novices in this space, we didn’t want to get an all singing all dancing MASSIVELY expensive drone. Especially because we were unsure as to how we would even get on with flying a drone! Since purchasing our drone, the DJI Mavic Mini, a lot of… Continue reading →

Mount Social Club, Meatless Monday!

When we lived in Te Puke, we were invited to Mount Social Club to try out their new “Meatless Monday” initiative… here is what we thought of this restaurant. This is the place for everyone, and quite rightly named ‘Social Club’ I can see how it brings everyone together. In our friendship group we have… Continue reading →

Things to do in Pai, North Thailand

Pai is by far one of our favourite places not only in Northern Thailand but in the whole of Thailand and we can fully understand why once people arrive in Pai… they never leave! Fortunately (or not so fortunately) we already had a car hire booked to get us from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai,… Continue reading →

The Vespa Trip – Amalfi Coast

If you’re into travelling and have a slight obsession with Europe, then you might just have heard about The Vespa Trip – be it through someone who has taken part in the tour or from it being cleverly advertised through your social media platforms! Through Facebook is how we found about the trip! I think… Continue reading →

5 Day Cornwall Road Trip

So if you haven’t heard… Cornwall is probably one of the BEST destinations in the U.K. Especially if you’re lucky enough to have nice weather! Recently we took a 5 day (4 nights) Motorhome trip to Cornwall and back (from Bristol). And, quite honestly, out of all the travelling we have done over the last… Continue reading →

Lovina – Bali’s Northern Beauty

Lovina, for any of you who don’t know, is Bali’s northern beauty. Not many people make it up this far on the small island that is Bali. But for those who do, there is certainly some beautiful rewards! From picturesque hotels set into the mountainside, with 180 degree views of the sea from the incredible… Continue reading →

Bali’s Abandoned Airplane

Bali’s abandoned airplane is certainly creepy, but also eerily beautiful! It is unknown as to how it got to where it is and even what it was supposed to be for! Surrounded by shipping containers, which we are guessing, was used to transport the plane there. It is also surrounded by other engine parts. Some… Continue reading →

Balangan Beach Bali

Balangan Beach was probably our favourite beach in Bali, like ever. Having been to Bali 4 times, in just as many years, I think its fair to say we know Bali pretty well and this beach just absolutely won us over. Locally known as Pantai Balangan, it is famous for its beautiful sunsets, turquoise waters… Continue reading →

The Ultimate Route through Bali

As far as planning a route through Bali goes, its such a small island that you could probably just wing it. But for all you travellers that like to have some kind of plan, here is the Ultimate Route Through Bali… DENPASAR As there is only one airport in Bali, everyone who flys into Bali… Continue reading →

Land Down Under – Next Stop Cairns!

Land Down Under – Next Stop Cairns! So after a bleary few days following Sydney Mardi Gras and staying in Engadine, we made our way to the airport excited to explore more of Australia. Ells has already been to Aus but has never explored north of Brisbane, so heading up to Cairns was something new… Continue reading →

Land Down Under – First Stop Sydney!

Land Down Under – First Stop Sydney! Join us (Steff and Ells) as we blog about our travels through Australia. We’ll be heading to Mardi Gras in Sydney, diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns and road tripping it down to Brisbane! Stay tuned, for stories, tips and just pure banter. Day 1 Arriving… Continue reading →

The CV Geeks

Steff and Ella have a wealth of experience across a variety of industries and have both won multiple awards working for corporate and independent recruitment companies. Together we offer a Professional CV Writing Service to cater to all things to do with landing you that dream job. For more information please follow the link The… Continue reading →

Stay where we stay!

As you follow our journey around the world, if you like the look of the hotels we are staying in then simply click through the links I provide on this page! Not only will you stay in the best places for the best rates, you’ll be helping us out along the way!

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