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For anyone who’s been travelling, there are always those essential bits that you just cannot go without whilst you’re away.

Below are links to all of our favourite things that we love to take with us. We’re not kidding anyone here, yes they are links to Amazon and yes if you buy something through the links we will get a tiny bit of commissions – but every penny counts towards our big adventure!

And because we might earn something from it, we’re not posting any old crap, this genuinely is stuff that we love and use on all of our trips!

The Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite – £89.99

The Kindle is something I certainly wouldn’t travel without, no matter how big or small the trip is! For me, being able to immerse myself into a good book whilst on the move is essetnial and the Paperwhite is the perfect companion, being able to carry all of your books around with you. The best thing about it, is because of its matte display you don’t have to worry about any glare and it’s just like reading from an actual book!

Canon EOS1300d – £308.50

Now I’m no pro at this photography malarkey, BUT having a decent camera to capture those beautiful moments whilst you’re away is an absolute must!

As a complete novice, I wanted a camera that was easy to use, provide beautiful pictures and provide me with the ability to progress in my photography should I so wish. At an affordable price this is actually my second DSLR. Originally I had a Nikon D3200 but this got a bit battered in my last lot of travels and so I made the decision to buy a new DSLR, and my god I’ve fallen in love!

GoPro Hero 5 Black

I recently bought this GoPro whilst I was away in Bali, previous to having the GoPro I had an iSaw Edge. It kept me going for a while but the lens got damaged and I wanted something of higher quality. You really do get what you pay for with the GoPro! My previous iSaw was half the price but also half the quality. The GoPro’s image quality is so sharp, you really can get some beautiful shots!

Waterproof Supersuit – £43.39

Although the Hero 5 Black is advertised as waterproof up to 10m I would advise to get a Supersuit water proof casing. As I found out, the GoPro isn’t as waterproof as it says it is. Whilst on my first ever dive I got to about 4m and it packed up on me. Luckily GoPro were super helpful and issued me with a brand new replacement. I have, however, since bought the waterproof casing in preparation for our next big trip!

I always go with the original products, just in case anything goes wrong. But there are cheaper compatible products too, such as this waterproof casing – iTrunk Waterproof Protective Housing – £11.59

Vango Freedom Backapack 80+20L -£104.91

This is my baby! I’ve used this backpack over the last two years and it’s done me good! It’s a front opening backpack, so none of this top or bottom opening and then having to rummage around blindly for your stuff! This baby opens like a normal suit case so you can see exactly where everything is!

It has adjustable straps and a comfy cushions, so if like me, you like to pack to the max, even the heaviest bag will be comfy!

Along with the spacious main compartment it comes with a detachable 20L backpack which I literally used every single day I was away back in 2017 the 20L backpack has two net water bottle holders either side which is super handy!

I highly recommend this back pack for short or long term travelling.

But if you think 80+20L is too big for you, they do exactly the same bag but in 60+20L which you can find here

Packing Cubes – £17.99

My mum actually bought me my first lot of packing cubes, and I actually turned my nose up at them at first. But the further I got into my trip the most I valued them and realised how much I had underestimated them! Not only are they good to save space, they compartmentalise your bag so you know exactly where everything is. You have a cube for pants and swim wear, a cube for shirts and vest tops, a cube for shorts and trousers… the list goes on but you get the jist. And trust me, when you are living out of your bag for months on end, they become a blessing!