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Want to earn & work online to fund your travels? Or earn extra money online?

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Want to learn how to make money and work online?

Do you love travelling?

Always getting asked by friends and family to recommend places? Even go as far as BOOKING these travels/holidays for your friends and family?

Are you heading off on a round the world trip or travel frequently? Or even just know people who do?

Learn how to become an Independent Travel Agent and earn money online from anywhere in the world just like us.

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Work online as an independent travel agent. Learn how to earn money online. Work remotely from anywhere in the world
Learn how to work online and travel the world.

Our STory

Welcome to our story about how we created the life we wanted to live by becoming Independent Travel Agents. It wasn’t an easy ride for us to get here, but luckily for you because we have done all of the hard work, we can make it nice and easy for you work online and earn that extra income to afford the lifestyle YOU WANT!

Taking it back to basics… we set off on our global trip in February 2018. We had a really rough plan of where we wanted to go and how we wanted to do it, on a very limited budget.

So, what did we do?

What we did know is that we wanted to make money online because this would afford us the location independent life style we wanted so badly. So, in our first efforts we set up an online CV writing business. It made us good money initially but it slowly tapered off.


Next up we decided we were going to throw ourselves into a working holiday visa in New Zealand. Within 3 weeks of arriving, we were working on a Holiday Park in Rotorua. Which was great but it was no different to anything we did back home – work, save, sleep, repeat!

We did this for 8 whole months and in that time we did a few trips on our days off round the North Island. So we left and picked up a backpacker job picking Kiwi fruit. This was fun and games but not sustainable for all the things we had planned.

Teaching english online

So, on our forever quest to finding work online, Ells picked up a remote job teaching English online. Which, truthfully, she really enjoyed but it didn’t provide us with enough income to continue our travels. So on with the search for that perfect income earner…


Not long after we left New Zealand, our friend @meg_budgettravel dropped us a welcomed message to ask if we’d be interested in hearing about an opportunity to earn money through our travels! As you can imagine, we were all ears. Meg took us through all of the ins and outs of the business and within a few days, we had joined her.

That was August 2019 – now we are in full swing Independent Travel Agent mode. We own our business and have an amazing network that helps, supports and motivates us every day to smash our goals.

Yes, we are working full time at home, but we find a couple of hours each evening to work on our Travel Business and its growing, like really growing.

not looking back!

This business has afforded us the luxury of many things that we wouldn’t have been able to afford if we had not started the business. The only thing I wish we had done sooner was to join the business earlier! We spent nearly 2 years travelling and only utilised the power of this business in the last 2 months of our travels!


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